The Movement

If you are reading this, you see that something is wrong in the traditional schooling system.

The time has come to implement a philosophy, which was given to me by Buckminster Fuller, who said,
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. You must create a new model which makes the old model obsolete.”

Our mission is to empower parents and PreK12 students by introducing them to educational experts, innovative programs, and new educational ideas in a comfortable and friendly environment to ensure that each student reaches the full extent of their unique potential.

Anything related to exploring educational options outside of the current forced schooling model is welcome on this page.

Let me begin with a very exciting private school I toured in Seattle, WA called Chrysalis School. So inspiring!

Here is their introduction video.  The founder started it 30 years ago and her success stories are awesome.




4 thoughts on “The Movement

  1. a says:

    This school seems wonderful but the price of its education is for the wealthy upper class. What does the school do to children? Gatto asserts the following in “Dumbing Us Down”: It teaches them to accept their class affiliation.(wikipedia,John Taylor Gatto) The middle and lower class can not afford Chrysalis education, setting in place class distinction at a very young age based on what school your parents can afford.


  2. Maggie says:

    My friend and I are planning a community free-school in my town in AZ that will allow parents to work. I’m planning curriculum around the AZ 1st grade standards (ridiculously low) and we will accept students of varying ages. We will have a monthly curriculum meeting and each parent can teach about 4 hours a week. We can do ANYTHING that way – and teach the basics. It’s very exciting. But it takes a group.


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